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New Volunteer Drivers Welcomed

If you have questions about the application process or forms, please call our Volunteer Coordinator at (540) 422.2600

Volunteering with VolTran is a rewarding experience, providing the community with invaluable support and drivers with a simple way to give back. 


- Personal Satisfaction

- Choose your rides to fit your schedule and availability. 

-Volunteer Liability Coverage

-Ability to drive VolTran vehicle, wheelchair vans, or your own vehicle.

-Access to training, educational opportunities, and a network of transportation and service providers. 

-Provided with car shields and masks to make driving as safe as possible during the pandemic. 
-Tax deductions for charitable service and charitable miles driven. 
-Access to volunteer recognition events, awards, and incentive programs. 

Come Volunteer With Us

About how often can you volunteer?

Thanks for submitting!


  • Age – Driver must be 21 years of age or older.

  • Valid Driver’s License – Driver’s license must be valid to drive in Virginia. A copy of your license will be kept by VolTran for our records.

  • Proof of Insurance – Driver must show proof of insurance that meets the minimum requirements for insurance in Virginia. A copy will be kept by VolTran for our records.

  • Valid Inspection Sticker – Car being used to drive passengers must have a valid inspection sticker. This will be noted in your file.

  • Screening – Driver must agree to have a Motor Vehicle Record Check and a background check in order to drive for VolTran.

  • Training – Driver must complete a VolTran training/orientation. 

  • Background check – Driver must complete fingerprinting and national background check. 

driver Testimonial

I have met some wonderful, sweet people, and I know it means the world to them. One gentleman had grateful tears in his eyes after he was able to visit his beloved wife in a nursing home. And because I stepped up, they were able to spend their last Christmas together, before she passed away a few months later.  Another lady whom I've been driving to appointments for breast cancer has crocheted me three winter caps in lovely colors as a gesture of thanks.

- Volunteer Driver, Cindy B.

I have always worked with people and loved it. When I retired, I wanted a volunteer job working with people. I combined my love of driving with my love of people, and here I am. Helping others through VolTran has been extremely rewarding over the years.

- Volunteer Driver, Paula H.

I wanted to volunteer because:

  • it's an opportunity to help the "least of these"

  • so many needs in our community, I don't want transportation to be an obstacle for someone who needs help

  • I've been the recipient of so much prayer, support, and help... I want to pay it forward.

- VolTran Driver

I enjoy helping others and having the opportunity to meet new people, especially ones who may not be among our social circle of friends and family.

-VolTran Driver

We always planned to do volunteer work when we retired. After moving to Goldvein, we heard about VolTran through church members. It sounded interesting so we decided to go for it. We have thoroughly enjoyed helping people get to their appointments or whatever they need. We became friends with some of our regulars and enjoy their company, and they are so grateful. It feels good and the satisfaction is incredible. It's good for the riders and good for us! How could you not enjoy that?!

VolTran Driver, Cathie N.

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